Dean Dong Junyu was invited to attend the "Qingdao Overseas Chinese High-level Talent Symposium on High-quality Development" and made a special speech


On July 19th, the "Entrepreneurship China - Overseas Chinese Elites in Qingdao - Matchmaking Event for High-level Talents" was held in Qingdao, which was jointly organized by the Qingdao Municipal Federation of Overseas Chinese and the Special Appointment Committee of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese, and co-sponsored by the China Federation of Overseas Chinese New Entrepreneurs' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance, the New Entrepreneurs' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance of Qingdao, the Qingdao Municipal General Chamber of Commerce, and the Alliance of Overseas Chinese Federations in Qingdao's Colleges and Research Institutions.

Dong Junyu, the Minister of the Department of Information Science and Engineering at China Ocean University, Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation at China Ocean University, and President of the European and American Alumni Association, was invited to attend the meeting. During the meeting, Dong Junyu was appointed as the "Talent Introduction Ambassador" of the Overseas Chinese Community in Qingdao, and spoke as a representative of high-level talents in the symposium.

The speech mainly focuses on "How emerging information technologies can empower the development of the marine industry".

Drawing on the policies and measures implemented by the Party, the government, and the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Government in terms of ocean development and talent development, Dong Junyu used his team's current research topic, "Large Marine Environmental Forecasting Model of Langya Port," as an example to delve into the impact of emerging information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and virtual reality on the development of the ocean industry. Subsequently, focusing on how to cultivate and gather leading innovative talents, Dong Junyu provided three suggestions: firstly, strengthening cooperation between universities and local governments, deepening integration between industry and education, implementing joint university-enterprise training, and leveraging the deep connection between universities and enterprises stationed in Qingdao; secondly, further enhancing international cooperation and promoting cooperation in running schools and academic exchanges; and thirdly, fully leveraging the role of the expert think tank within the overseas Chinese community and creating different forms of platforms that connect talents from overseas Chinese communities in different industries and fields.

Dong Junyu stated that boosting the development of Qingdao's marine industry will further enhance Qingdao's competitiveness and influence in the international community. He called for more voices to provide suggestions and opinions for Qingdao's development and more forces to participate in the economic and social construction of Qingdao in the future.

Professor Dong Junyu (fourth from the right) was appointed as the "Talent Introduction Ambassador" of the Overseas Chinese Community in Qingdao.

Professor Dong Junyu spoke at the "Symposium on High-level Talents Advancing High-quality Development in Qingdao's Overseas Chinese Community".