Heriot-Watt University Study Abroad Lecture


Heriot-Watt University Study Abroad Lecture

Publishing Time:2023.03.24

On the morning of March 17th (last Friday) at 10:30 am, Mr. Wang Zhongyi and Ms. Cao Jiajing from the China and East Asia Office of Heriot-Watt University visited the Xisha Campus of Ocean University of China to meet with the Computer Science students of the 2020 class. They clarified the key milestones and admission requirements before graduation for the students.


After half a year, the two teachers met with us again and expressed their longing for and concern about students. Especially since the epidemic prevention and control have entered a new stage, there are fewer concerns and obstacles for students to pursue studies in the UK. They are looking forward to meeting with us at Heriot-Watt University.

Heriot-Watt University's academic competitiveness and prestige remain stable at a first-class level both in the UK and globally, and are steadily improving. Therefore, Heriot-Watt University provides us with a platform to explore our possibilities and pursue opportunities on a global scale.


Next, Ms. Cao focused on sharing with us the latest admission requirements for language classes. She hoped that we could participate in language exams as much as possible and achieve good results to better meet our own expectations.

In addition, Ms. Cao also shared with us the accommodation options available forstudents and clarified the timing of when applications can be submitted, which is a concern for many of us. At the same time, both Ms. Cao and Mr. Wang suggested that we make friends with students from all over the world at Heriot-Watt University as much as possible, which can broaden our horizons and promote cultural exchange.

Finally, it was the lively Q&A session. Prior to the lecture, the students were very active in submitting their most pressing study-abroad-related questions to Mr. Lu. These questions included concerns about campus life, personal safety abroad, and academic performance. Most of the questions, however, were regarding coursework and grades, focusing on the senior year graduation design and supervisor selection, as well as academic requirements and preparation plans for applying to overseas graduate programs. The Q&A session lasted for more than 40 minutes, with the students enthusiastic and the two teachers tireless in their responses. They praised the students for their strong motivation and sense of responsibility towards themselves.

Notably, the well-known Chinese professor at Heriot-Watt University, Professor Wang Xu, was also present at the event. He provided many details for senior year study mode that the students could refer to. Dean Dong also valued the lecture and came to listen to the students' questions. As a Heriot-Watt University alumnus, he encouraged us to study hard and prepare well for studying in the senior year abroad.

After the lecture, the students remained engaged and continued to ask questions of the teachers. The atmosphere was still lively and enthusiastic.