IELTS Exam Preparation Experience Sharing Session


IELTS Exam Preparation Experience Sharing Session

Publishing Time2022.11.25

Yesterday afternoon, we held an "IELTS Exam Preparation Experience Sharing Session" at the Information Building 108 laboratory on the Xisha Campus. Li Xiangqi, Li Hongbo, and Tang Shiyi, representative students who achieved high scores in the IELTS exam for the 2020 class, shared their own learning and preparation experience with the 2021 class of students.

Li Xiangqi's Sharing

Li Xiangqi, who currently holds the highest IELTS score for the 2020 class (8.0 out of 9.0), first shared her experience with us. Li Xiangqi had a strong foundation in English and was able to improve her vocabulary by using apps and specialized IELTS reference books. She also participated in activities such as debates to enhance her speaking and response skills, which are commonly thought to be weak points among IELTS test-takers.

Li Xiangqi stressed the importance of paying attention during academic English classes, especially taking advantage of opportunities to communicate with foreign teachers to improve English skills. She also emphasized the need for consistent accumulation of knowledge and skills outside of class to achieve success in the exam.

Li Hongbo's Sharing

Next, Li Hongbo shared his learning experience with humor. He acknowledged that vocabulary is the foundation of all English learning. Although memorizing words alone cannot guarantee success, without a certain vocabulary base, it would be difficult to improve one's IELTS score. In addition to the word-learning apps recommended by Li Xiangqi, Li Hongbo introduced some of his own ways for practicing speaking, such as "solo freestyle," "pair practice," "silent thinking," and "copying homework." These creative methods left a deep impression on the younger students.

Li Hongbo also compared the advantages and disadvantages of computer-based testing and paper-and-pencil testing based on his own experience. This gave students who have not yet taken the IELTS exam a more intuitive understanding of the two different formats.

Tang Shiyi's Sharing

Finally, Tang Shiyi shared her experience in preparing for the IELTS exam. What impressed us most was her strategy for improving listening skills. She recommended several public accounts that can be utilized efficiently every day to comprehensively improve one's language sense. She also shared her own notes on listening and reading materials, which showed her careful editing and annotations.

Regarding the problem of time constraints when facing a large amount of reading questions in the exam, Tang Shiyi proposed a targeted solution: "parallel reading" - reading the article with the questions, avoiding reading without focus, and thus completing the questions more efficiently. After all, reading is our strength as students, and we must understand how to make the most of it while minimizing weaknesses to achieve high

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