The third Heriot-Watt University and UK Knowledge Contest was successfully held.


The third Heriot-Watt University and UK Knowledge Contest was successfully held.

Publishing Time2022.11.04


After intense preliminary rounds, we finally reached the elimination and final rounds of the Heriot-Watt University Knowledge Contest last Friday. It was evident that the students had thoroughly reviewed our study materials and demonstrated a positive attitude, determined to compete for the championship title.


We believe that the students who advanced to the elimination rounds worked hard to review the relevant knowledge and were well-prepared for the competition. However, the difficulty level of the questions exceeded their expectations. Which question impressed you the most? Did any question spark your initial impression of the UK, such as Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, or Shakespeare? Or was it the geography, history, and political common sense of the UK? No wonder the audience on site couldn't help but answer: "Didn't we learn this in high school?"


Our host did not disappoint the audience either. Many questions that contestants answered incorrectly on stage were open to audience participation. Successful audience participants received our mysterious small gifts. We wonder if those who received prizes are satisfied with their rewards?


In the end, Yang Jiaqi won the championship in the Heriot-Watt University and UK Knowledge Contest by just one question in a fierce competition against Luo Xianglong. Congratulations to Yang Jiaqi on this impressive achievement! We also congratulate the other students who participated in the elimination rounds and received participation awards. Well done, everyone!