Institute of Industrial Internet


The College of Industrial Internet


The College of Industrial Internet is built around the development strategy of Building Qingdao into the Capital of Industrial Internet. It relies on the production-education-research resources of Ocean University of China and collaborates with domestic and foreign industry-leading enterprises and innovative resources to construct research centers for industrial software, industrial network security, industrial microelectronics technology, industrial big data, and intelligent manufacturing technology.


The Colledge mainly focuses on breakthrough innovation research in the theory and underlying technology of the industrial internet. With an industry application-oriented approach, it targets major demands and pain points in industries such as home appliances, rubber, tires, ports, and equipment. The Colledge effectively integrates domestic and international talents, technologies, capital, and Qingdao's manufacturing enterprises, software development, talent education, among other fields, to promote innovative applications of the industrial internet, facilitate the proliferation of industrial internet technology and applications, and introduce a batch of innovative industrial internet enterprises, thereby developing and expanding the industrial internet industry chain. The Colledge also provides consulting, guidance, and research cooperation services for talent and industrial projects in the industrial internet field, and offers advisory services for industrial planning and policy-making to governments.


The Colledge has ten faculty members, including two professors, five associate professors, one engineer, and two research assistants. Professor Ding Xiangqian serves as the academic leader and has been committed to technical research and application development in the fields of computational intelligence, big data, and machine learning in the domain of intelligent manufacturing and the industrial internet for many years. Ding Xiangqian has served as a member of the overall group of experts for the Ministry of Science and Technology's Twelfth Five-Year Plan, Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, and Fourteenth Five-Year Plan Advanced Manufacturing Domain (Network Collaborative Manufacturing and Intelligent Factory Projects, Industrial Software Projects), the General Group of Experts for the Modern Service Industry, and a member of the Academy Committee for the Ministry of Education's Advanced Manufacturing Domain. Ding Xiangqian's research team has led the preparation of the implementation plan for the key Industrial Software Project in the Ministry of Science and Technology's Fourteenth Five-Year Plan.


The Colledge has been involved in research work related to manufacturing IoT, data modeling and big data analysis, and manufacturing services in the field of intelligent manufacturing for a long time, accumulating rich experience in scientific research and industrial engineering development. In the past five years, the Colledge has undertaken or participated in 37 cloud computing and big data, industrial internet, and intelligent manufacturing-related projects, including 16 national key research and development programs under the Ministry of Science and Technology, with five topics and eleven sub-tasks, collaborating with industry-leading enterprises such as Haier, Weichai, and Inspur. There were also two grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, three from the National Science and Technology Support Program, one from Innovative Methods Work Special Projects, and one from the State Laboratory Program. Furthermore, there were three projects from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Industrial Internet Innovation Project, and two from the Intelligent Manufacturing Project. There were also nine projects from provincial and municipal science and technology programs. The Colledge jointly undertakes the development of IEEE's Large-Scale Customization General Requirements Specification with Haier Group. The Colledge has made a series of significant achievements in manufacturing IoT, interconnection standards, intelligent factories, large-scale customization, big data, and other aspects. Many of these achievements have been applied industrially.


In recent years, the research team has carried out production-education-research cooperation in the industrial internet and intelligent manufacturing fields with well-known companies like Haier, Hisense, Weichai, and Inspur for many years. While undertaking dozens of national research projects, they continue to convert their technologies and results into practical applications that serve the local economy and contribute excellent talents to the industrial internet field.


The College of Industrial Internet is committed to establishing an innovative institutional mechanism that integrates politics, industry, academia, research, finance, and services. By innovating the institutional mechanism, it will maximize innovation benefits and efficiency. The Colledge aims to become a leading public R&D and application service platform for the industrial internet in China, a source of policy-making for the industrial internet industry, a builder of innovation and entrepreneurial ecology, and a new highland for international open cooperation.