College Of Software


The College of Software


The College of Software at Ocean University of China was established on November 6, 2020. It relies on the strong teaching staff of the Faculty of Information Science and Engineering at Ocean University of China, combined with the comprehensive advantages in Ocean Science and Technology and Industrial Internet fields, to serve the market demand for scientific, engineering, and service-oriented software applications in the marine industry. The college is committed to cultivating high-level application-oriented, compound, and international software engineering technology and management talents.


Special features:

With the software ecology construction and talent cultivation of one focus, two categories, three fields, and four teams as its characteristics, it cultivates ocean software development talents and promotes the development of China's ocean science and technology.

One focus: Focus on cross-disciplinary fields of marine industry application software, work closely with the team led by Academician Wang Endong from Inspur, and promote the in-depth integration of the national maritime software system in production, education, and research.

Two categories: Focus on two categories of software, namely marine science computing and engineering simulation, and cloud services for marine engineering technology. According to the characteristics of different types of software, individualized training and practice will be provided to cultivate talents.

Three fields: Cross-disciplinary training for talents in three fields: marine geosciences, including global climate change and meteorological services; marine life sciences, including blue genes, blue proteins, and blue drugs; and marine engineering, including multi-body, multi-field, multi-scale ocean simulation calculation, and marine engineering equipment manufacturing services.

Four teams: Based on the college's disciplinary strengths and relying on four academicians' research teams, including the marine climate meteorology and simulation computing software research team led by Academician Wu Lixin, the marine engineering and multi-body multi-field multi-scale computing software research team led by Academician Li Huajun, the marine pharmaceutical and intelligent supercomputing software research team led by Academician Guan Huashi, and the marine breeding and whole-genome software computing research team led by Academician Bao Zhenmin, the college cultivates ocean software talents and builds a marine application software system.

Training Model:

The College of Software adopts a production-education integration and science-education integration training model. It is based on deep collaboration with leading enterprises in the marine industry to meet the demand for marine software and create an integrated ecosystem for software development and talent cultivation through industrial-academic research cooperation. The college provides training for students based on three types, including general education, basic education, and professional education.


Industry-Academic Cooperation and International Exchange

The development of the faculty is closely tied to the industry's direction. Focused on marine industry requirements, it has deepened its production-education integration, signed cooperative agreements with companies such as Huawei, Inspur, Haier, Aerospace Hongtu, Hisense, Dawning, and Hualu to initiate joint personnel training programs.


The faculty strongly promotes international education and has established relationships with well-known universities along the Belt and Road Initiative countries, including Kyiv National University and Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in Ukraine, Gdansk University and Gdansk University of Technology in Poland, Heriot-Watt University and Southampton University in the UK, and Nantes University in France for joint training programs and student exchange programs. The college adopts various modes to cultivate international talents.